Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am feeling very Olympic today, how about you?

Last week I felt very Olympic. I was able to compete in a wide array of events.

Climbing Mt. Timp.
Kiting at the point of the mountain.
Practicing rolls on a kayak.
Cross-country skiing.
Century bike ride.
Tunnel sliding.

I just want to mention that tunnel sliding is the greatest thing to do. Close by there is a water pipe that goes down a canyon here in Utah, actually a dry water tunnel, but you are able to slide down it on lunch trays or what not. The tunnel is completely dark and you just get screaming down the banked corners, it beats any amusement park ride. If anybody wants to go tell me.


  1. Um... is this the "sledding" you were referring to this weekend? That sounds TERRIFYING! I am so glad we didn't go, I actually have had nightmares of being trapped in long, enclosed, dark tunnels. I even struggle at water parks.

  2. I want to go when I come down. Sign me up.

  3. Amy, you missed out. Sledding and water parks seem so boring now.

    ps. Jill I just signed you up, so get down here.