Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Everybody looks better with a mustache

The best white elephant gift ever.

My parents gave talks on Sunday, this is what they saw staring back at them from the pews.

Christmas Eve Party

My mom makes the wii look like so much fun.

On Christmas day, on Christmas day.

After the traditional Christmas breakfast...

Nicole was so excited after getting her tent that she stayed in there all day and night.

This picture doesn't show it all, she ate dinner in there and made everybody look over and around her tent while we watched movies.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They call it paradise, shangri-la

I was a little bored yesterday, so I will milled a piece for my tripod and decided to go on a photo-shoot. My one follower should know where all of these photos are taken.

So wide it makes you look skinny

Everybody do a surprised face

Impressing the relatives

Before we actually left Utah we had to stop in for the Jensen Christmas party. There was a lot of food, storytelling and laughing.

Nicole brought her boyfriend there. I am sure they were impressed.

..then again they do make a good couple

A truckfull

For the drive home we decided to take the truck it seemed like the logical choice, 312000 miles, two tires from the junk yard, heater that doesn't work too well and three seat belts.

Jamie got the best spot in the back, and he didn't even enjoy it.