Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally got a new tent

4 season tent, what, what

Yes, I did sleep in it the day I bought it. Its a cozy 2 man tent for sure.

XC skiing

New shock mounts and lights

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I decided to take a little weekend escape from the Provo library life in an effort to bring back the tan, get out of the snow and burn stuff. I was able to get the Chaco tan back despite the cold weather. At night the temperature got down to about 20 degrees, making a clear cold night. The pictures are taken from Little Wild horse Canyon. We hiked probably two hours into the canyon.

At some parts in the canyon there was barely room to squeeze my manly shoulders through, so any normal person would be able to walk comfortably through.


Some people think goblins are not real but I saw some this weekend, true story.

This weekend I went to Goblin Valley, near Moab, Ut. Quite possibly the coolest place that I have ever been. One part that made it amazing was the fact that we were able to play on the goblins. As group of friends, we played capture the flag and tag. Fun Day.