Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nebo Climb

After 10 hours of hiking, 7000 vertical feet and sleep deprivation I summited the top of Mt. Nebo. It was quite the view from the top of the mountain, even though I only spent a total of maybe five minutes on the summit.

This was before the hike, I think Taylor was referring to West side of the mountain that we climbed up. But I am not positive, I hear Iowa has some pretty big gangs.


  1. You might have to hike Nebo again when I get back, and take me with you. And maybe we will not get stuck in the snow or have to squeeze through a fence.

  2. Now I know where to go up. We were on the wrong side of the mountain. Also maybe we need to plan more then two hours ahead of time.

  3. Done. Name the date (after April 21st). I am there.